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Activity comes back!


That's right, the site is finally back up and running, with a new layout, search engine intergration and some much needed updating to some of the content. I'm pretty happy with this new style, and hopefully you guys will be too. Here is a list of the changes that were made:

To the site...

  • Revamp of the layout

    The layout is now resizable and uses better images. Overall, the look and feel is cleener.

  • Live Local Time

    On the left of the site you can see the live local time in your area. The script was made by Mark Plachetta of

  • Navigational changes

    Instead of just text, it is a flyout menu that takes you directly to sections of pages that you may want to access.

  • Addition of Search Engine

    If you can't find a certain thing or are looking for keywords to take you to pages, then you'll find this useful.
  • Custom 404 Error Page

    Now if there is a 404 error, you won't get redirected to 000webhost's site. You can test this by making any kind of spelling error after the domain name.

To 'Sprites'...

  • Change in organisation

    Sadly no actual updating to the sprites themselves, but the organisation is much better, and leaves a lot more room on the page as well.

To 'Signatures'...

  • Finally put in 2008 and 2009

    Yes, all of the 2008 signatures I made and the 2009 ones too (including my most recent one made this month) are there.

Extra Note: I may be considering adding another section called 'Signature Shop' where you guys can request signatures. Would you want that?

To 'Cold Heart'...

  • Changed the logo

    Yeah, just wanted to make the text look better.
  • Overview of Story

    Written it up (well, it is actually the backstory to what Cold Heart's history is - it goes up to Kain remenising about his past.
  • Character List

    Each character now has a respective image.
  • Issues

    Archived all of the old issues (5).

To finish this update, I wanna show a couple of One-shots. One important thing to note - each of these things were done at different times, and with different sprites to be modelled from, so the heights of the characters is by no means accurate when compared to each other. Take that into consideration, and enjoy it nonetheless.

From left to right, they are Byakuya Kuchiki [BLEACH], Tsuro [Cold Heart], Siren [Cold Heart], Ritsku [Cold Heart], Tsurugo [Cold Heart], Kain [Cold Heart], Shela [Cold Heart], Maria [Cold Heart], Odin [Cold Heart], Aqua [Dragonball Z], Alphonse Elric [FullMetal Alchemist], Johan Anderson [Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX], 3 Random LSW Heads [trying out hairstyles].