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Archive Update | LSWi News


Several sheets from the Vortexian Golden Age have been added into the Sprite Den Vault.

  1. Fusion | Goku/Vegeta (08/08/2006)
  2. Android 14 (09/09/2006)
  3. Janempa/Janemba (11/09/2006)
  4. Pikkon (16/09/2006)
  5. Hercule (16/09/2006)

These things are being uploaded in chronological order, so that is actually the order in which the sprites were published to the Aceboard Forum.

As for LSWi, MasterChefX talked with me at the end of last week and reminded me of the clinching flaw in all LSW bases until now: the fact that it doesn’t cover all of the types of sheets that people wish to do. I already have a solution to that. LSWi will not just be one base, but one that has several variances for different purposes. There is already a Saiyan Armour one planned and “one-shot”, as well as a shirtless one with normal trousers. However to do this efficiently there needs to be a cut-off from the original base, so that I’m not needing to back-track heavily and remake poses for the older one, and I think that stage has been reached. As such, I have decided to release the full sheet of LSWi this Friday, so keep an eye and ear open for the 29th. For people to get what they want out of the sheet(s), they’ll need to do a combination of using their own judgement and Frankenstein-ing together the elements they want (which is actually what we originally did with LSW in the old days...)

Last quick note - the first issue of Cold Heart will be released this Wednesday.