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my current project everything is 100% custom what you think AB?
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Re: Blaze

Must say that I was impressed upon looking at the sheet, old friend :-)

- the sheet is expansive as heck! Especially for 100% custom poses throughout. Very refreshing to see a large sheet for such a new-age sprite (then again I haven't been on Vortex in donkey-years)
- the composition is very clean; you've shaded the guy quite proficiently
- colour scheme is simple but works effectively
- hair is distinctly Dragon Ball (much like the one for Saiyan heroes in Ultimate Tenkaichi) whilst still being somewhat original
- he's brown-skinned, so I can easily write him in as Kain's brother :-) (j/k)

- body size is a bit inconsistent throughout - sometimes he's lean, other times he's HUGE, other times he's a bit on the chunky side (especially regarding the biceps and waist; look at the dashing forward poses), so some refining could be done
- eyes look a bit dead on the faceset (well the first few poses) - comes across as doll-like
- on the last two yelling faces I think the hair should be angled differently a little more like the first yelling face (where some spikes of the hair are more vertical, rather than dead straight)

Overall a great piece of work Yung. How long did it take to produce?