Cold Heart Update | Chapter 1

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Cold Heart Update | Chapter 1


Finally some progress has been made in the Cold Heart story that actually gets published!

Those who read the original will know that was pretty well known for being clichéd and poorly written. Now whilst some of those elements will still be there, this version of the story will end up being far more in depth than the original, with the more clichéd elements having an explained back-story to them, making them fleshed out in a more tangible and believable way. Overall, more will be covered in this incarnation, and I’ve planned for it to stretch at least two and a half arcs with a clearer picture of the story in mind.

To keep the flow of updates together though, the chapters will be no longer than 550 words if possible. In order to make up with this though, they will have 3 illustrations each. Some may not come out in time with the actual chapter, but I can assure you that by the end of the first arc all of the chapters will have their allotted illustrations. So without further ado...

Cold Heart | Arc 1 | Chapter 1 “Modified”

Enjoy the first issue, and stay tuned this Friday when LSWi is finally unveiled!