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Forum Rules *must read!*

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Thanks for registering for the forum! I hope you have a good time interacting with the other members in this community between the site updates, unifying the more confident and shy visitors that we have. I don't have many rules in place here because I want the environment to be very relaxed and calm. However, these are the main ones that shall be enforced:

No illegal content should be posted here.

You jepardise the existence of this community by posting illegal content because either this forum gets removed by Nabble or the entire site gets shut down by 1freehosting. If you are uncertain about whether what you are posting is legal, don't post it. This also includes the publishing of illicit content (e.g. porn).

Keep profanity down to a minimum.

I was only 12 years old when I got into spriting, and 12 is a pretty impressionable age. Contrast that with some of the folks at DBZ Vortex who were at college, university or even settling down with families at the same time. The community is varied age-wise, so whilst cursing isn't prohibited, minimal profanity keeps the environment as open and friendly as possible. Basically, don't excessively swear, okay?

No cultural/racial/sexual insensitivity.

Homophobic, racist comments and generally despicable content will simply be removed and your account banned. I simply won't have it.

No multiple accounts without good reasoning.

This is mainly to keep things accessible for me. If you have other family members or friends and they've registered through your computer then that's fine. However, any attempts to evade receiving a ban will result in a permanent ban.

And that's about it. Stick to those rules and you'll be a-okay on this board. Have fun!