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This stuff was actually supposed to get up on Sunday, but I got pretty badly sidetracked. Life outside of the forum seems to have me more wrapped up *shrug*

This week the guy on display is Mr Son Gohan in his signature School Attire. I’ve always wanted to revamp him properly (even the one produced for Christmas I didn’t feel was done well enough), and last week I got that chance. I’ve almost finished his hair in Super Saiyan [2?] so that he’s kitted out as the Golden Fighter, so expect that to be coming soon as well. The Zarbon’s Masterpiece Theatre set has also got underway with Zarbon pretty much being wip’d for it, so that’ll be arriving in a matter of time as well.

For those who haven’t seen the masterfully funny Dragonball Z parody that was ZMT, go over and watch the episodes NAO.

Zarbon’s Masterpiece Theatre