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Like I said, I will be putting up content a lot more often than before and this will only be helped by the LSWi sheet. Of course they won’t be this close together in terms of updates, but I expect things to be running fairly smoothly and consistently. Hopefully there can be a definite thing every Friday, so perhaps pencil that in your diary ;)

Anyhoo, the first oneshot up on this site is Goku donning the Gi he wore at the end of the Z series!

I was initially going to do the normal Kame Gi Goku but Blues suggested that I do something different and make this one, which I had a surprisingly degree of fun making. I’m refining a Super Saiyan and a Super Saiyan 2 hairstyle at the moment so once that is done that’ll be shown as well.

The first issue of the texual version to Cold Heart is also typed up, so expect that to be coming soon. *thumbs up*