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Legendary Super Warriors: Incarnate


The moment that people have been waiting for since nearly the start of the year....the unveiling of the new Legendary Super Warriors Incarnate (LSWi) spriting base!

LSWi Base (White Gi)

I thought I’d give a bit of back-story to this baby before whipping it out (innuendo?). Towards the end of 2009 I felt pretty down because I hadn’t made any real steps forward for LSW or DBZ Vortex. Established spriters such as Seto Stevce and new faces such as Eversoris had made great leaps and bounds with the style, whilst my love for it grew stagnant and insipid. In an attempt to rekindle my passion for LSW, I attempted to remake the 2004 Dragonball Z Budokai 3 opening with LSW sprites with the assistance of much acclaimed DBZNut. However I didn’t get far with the project and after fairly quickly the enthusiasm dried up. Don’t be fooled though – I will pick that project up again, because I owe DBZNut for his contribution to it, and I thank him. His work inspired me to make some revamped poses for LSW. That idea then grew to what I called “The Expansion Project”, wherein I basically improved the look of the standing poses of the usual Legendary Super Warrior staples.

From there I took it a step further. What if I made the basic melee more “animatable”? So the melee was improved. Then I thought “what if the damaged poses row got a kick in the pants?” and that row got its just desserts. Idea upon idea popped into my head, later becoming what today is known as LSWi.

Like most things that are not Christian Bale it isn’t perfect, but I’m proud of it nonetheless. As something produced at the start of the year, I hope it sparks the trend for something that Blues Light wanted to encourage: the production of more custom poses for our cherished style that branch off into multiple fields and makes LSW something fresh, bold and appealing once again.

There is a specific way one should use the sheet if they want to make a set of uniform sprites:

  • From the top row, utilise 4-6 standing poses and/or create one of your own.
  • Use the Basic Dash, Powerup, Walking and Running Poses from the first and second row.
  • Take 3 punches and 3 kicks from the melee set, and then create 2-3 more of your own.
  • Use the classic LSW Kicks on the fifth row, as well as the Jump, Smash and Throw.
  • Make use of the entire Damage Row.
  • Utilise the Basic Ki Beams and Ki Deflection Poses (optional: recolour the beams to suit your character).
  • Then use a maximum of 2 of the Special Attacks from the sheet and/or create one of your own.
  • (Optional: Make one row completely for one or two combo moves).

I especially recommend this format to newcomers to the LSW style, because it forces you to get creative and create poses of your own, rather than relying on having all of the poses created for you, which in reality is the only way you can grow as a spriter – by pushing yourself to newfound limits. Bases time and again have proven to be a crutch for our community, so hopefully this change in the practice of its utility will remove that handicap that it forms.

The base will have several incarnations for different purposes which I mentioned earlier this week that people can Frankenstein together to make the kinds of characters that they want. The progress in doing so may take a while, so don’t expect it to come soon. Regardless, between the various base releases there will be little one-shots that I make with some of these poses – tomorrow there will be a Gohan (school attire) that I made last week that’ll be shown (which will exemplify how the trousers on the normal-clothing base will look).

Use it well people, and thanks for being here for the LSW community – 2010 will be DBZ Vortex’s 4th year in commission!