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Last month was a bit hectic for me, so no spriting got done. In fact, my term as a prefect at college has come to an end now, so that's taken a little bit of pressure off of me at least. But with the coming exams the pressure will still be on. Nevertheless, I've come to a realisation about my recent spriting habits: I'm much happier to actually sprite with regards to an actual product than to create one from my own mind. In other words, I'd rather do revamps for existing works than create new pieces for the moment, at least until my motivation levels pick up and my creativity peaks again.

So as of now I'll be opening a revamp workshop – in this topic and the requests page, if you submit an already finished sprite that you are in need of revamping, I'll put that to the top of the pile to revamp, free of charge :-P

Oh, and with the next update I will include a Spider-man sprite which was requested a couple of months back. I'm on Easter break right now, so I have more time to get through some of these requests. Have fun submitting your pieces!