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May as well just come out and say it. I honestly just haven't been working on the sprites because I forget about them. Its tedious now - 2 years of spriting Gokus? I think that I've reached some kind of limit. Or maybe it is just me being a bitch. Either way, I severely doubt me getting any further with the sheets.

Most I can give now is the 'Saiyan/Namek' base completed work.

Also, people have said that the series is just a head-swap (regarding different forms). I don't see where the problem is, because before completing the sheet, I expand the moveset to what it would be for Base and SSJ, then use both of the moves in each form - I see no reason why to exclude the moves in the base form UNLESS they can't be performed in that state.

Finally, there is a one-shot set here.

They are shown in the order that I did them (and some of them are months apart even - the Goten/Trunks/Tien were done around Christmas, and the Spopovich was done just last week). Thats all from me today, folks.