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Hey guys! Been a while since my last update, and I apologise for that. Well, this site is supposed enable me to post up any WIP that comes into my mind, so that people at least see what I've been up to, and I haven't been doing that lately, so it is about time that I at least showed SOMETHING.

First of all is the Krillin sheet I did EONS ago (it is one of the first that I did for Jay back in the early stages of the DBZ Vortex site). Just added that into the sprites section.

Secondly is a revamp one-shot I've done of Future Trunks (from the 9th DBZ movie (Bojack Unbound) and the TV Special (History of Trunks).

Thirdly is a one-shot that I started some time ago, and didn't get around to finishing until yesterday (just wanted to get it done because I read more of Bleach).

Hopefully more will come, and more frequently (I'll probably need to start showing BETA stages of my sprites, and a technique that I use for creating custom poses at some point).