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The Coming of LSWi


The new site is finally up and running, and what better way to get things rolling than a shot of the project I’ve had a preview signature up for in the last 2 weeks?

As some of you may have guessed, LSWi (Legendary Super Warriors Incarnate) is a new sprite variation that I’ve moulded which utilises elements from many of the previous incarnations – LSWA, LSWR, NLSW, VRP, etc.

The whole reason for its existence is that I came to a hard realisation that I didn’t quite like.

Whenever I’ve tried an expansion project of sorts, the first character that I go for is Son Goku. And why not? He’s the main character of DBZ after all, thus it would make sense. So I’d work tirelessly to expand on his LSW sheets, add new poses, revamp them and show it to you all. The big hole in doing this is that if I wanted to make an expansion then for a different character (which again would make sense because LSW shouldn’t be confined to a handful of characters), the moves are all tailored for that one Goku sheet. If you make an expansion straight from one character then there is no neutral ground to work from to then branch off and make alternate characters easily for. Sure it’s possible, but it is also monotonous; requiring extra work that isn’t really necessary. Bases are by no means a new concept or a fairly well utilised one, but I hope to add something fresh to the usual model of them. Quite interestingly, LSWi theoretically should speed up the sprite works that I produce from here on out (and perhaps the works of others...)

I’d say about 90% of the sheet is done at the moment (and this was around the time that the signature was put up). I’ve talked with Blues Light a bit and he’s suggested some new poses to add, as has Seto Stevce. Both of them would like to be on board for the project, so I’ll probably be accepting their help at certain stages. For today though, I’d like to show you just a taste of what I’ve been doing. Click the left image. There isn’t a credit tag on there at the moment because it is just the preview, but there is a definite tag crediting all of the appropriate members that will be there on the final one.

Don’t worry; the rest of it will be coming very soon, believe me. This site is going to have a ton of content that will build up over time. I’m hoping to guarantee a minimum of one update per week, so you’d be in a good position if you checked back often to see how things are going. Until then, God-speed and speak to me if you ever need to!